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warm it up.
you want me to teach thee? techniques that freaks these boys!
I'm here now.

Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass. It needed to be done, I was so completely sick of my old LJ. See you there if you want me badly enough. ;)

Also, check out my bloody hot userinfo while yer at it. SO PRETTY!
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for me.Collapse )
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this journal is the new and improved other journal of x__sectumsempra.

+ don't add me to make your flist bigger. it ain't cool.
+ have something in common with me. don't be all "ur in the same comm az meh, so we'r frindz."
+ post and comment every once in awhile. and please don't use your once a month picspam of your siamese fighting fish named charlie as an "update". god, i hate that. then again, i'm cranky while writing these rules. they're subject to change. =)

that's it. now close your eyes and pray that i think you're cool enough to roll in my mad posse.
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